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Aysol is the first play-to-earn MMORPG based on the blockchain system. Explore the game’s vast world, battle monsters, interact with other players and collect rare NFTs and take advantage of our RMT system.

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In an era forgotten and twirled,

There were but two beings in this world:

One of blinding Light, another Dark as night...

In Aysol, a medieval high-fantasy world of approximately 200 km2, with eco-friendly steampunk elements, two factions, the Peacemakers and the Warmongers, are in heated debates over how to deal with the looming danger of environmental havoc, while the dark force behind it bides its time.
Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Orcs and Zohos each have their own lands and cultures, but their people, all sharing the same love for their world, they flock to one of the two factions to fight for saving it. While sharing the same purpose, they use different tactics, which often brings them at odds


No matter your preferred style of gameplay, epic fights await you in End of Times.
The time has come! Choose what class suits you the best, become the hero of the game and use your abilities to crush your opponents.


In End of Times, choosing a profession is as crucial as choosing your fighting style. Choose your favourite profession, take advantage of the game’s tokens and NFT’s and become a master trader.


End of Times is the first MMORPG to fully take
advantage of the blockchain system where the
players control their own assets. Be part of our
play-to-earn system by selling and buying rare NFTs
scattered around Aysol’s immersive world using
real money or your favoured crypto currency.
Invest in buying land and profit without ever
touching the game.



What is End of Times and what differentiates it from other video games?

End of Times is the first play-to-earn MMORPG based on the blockchain system.

With a dynamic and progressive mindset, Cobalt Fairy has been making a difference in the digital publishing industry since 2015. Active in a variety of different industries such as ebooks and audiobooks, we are launching our very first video game that will capture the imagination and excite the mind. Our main goal is to enrich the digital world and our readers’ and gamers’ lives with enthralling bestsellers and immersive video games. Equipped with strong work ethics, dedication and an ardent desire to grow and improve, we are committed on not only delivering high-quality content to our loyal fans, but also on telling the best stories ever told through our rich book selection and soon to be our very first ambitious video game, End of Times. Responsibility and innovation are the pillars of our philosophy, pervading our actions and motivating us to strive for offering newer, better experiences for our vast audience. 

The main idea behind our game’s philosophy is for End of Times not to be a pay-to-win game, but instead a play-to-earn game. With the possibility to buy in-game land you can farm it, upgrade it or sell it to other players. Players can also sell and buy other Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) to other players using our Real Money Trading (RMT) system.

The game requires an Account to play, in which the Player can have multiple Avatars, each of them an entity in the world in terms of progression, inventory, and businesses. Creating your actual Account will be absolutely free but then again the user will have to pick their gameplay options mentioned above.

Gameplay of our game comes in three options:

1st option: Free to play. In this Free to play system, End of Times players will be able to try the game with all its features, only up to lvl. X.
2nd option: 7 day free trial: During the 7 day trial, End of Times players will be able to enjoy all of the game’s features without any limitations, such as character level-up, in-game transactions and interacting with other players.

RMT or Real Money Trading in non-crypto games means that the players can use real money to buy, sell or loan all of the types of in-game items with each other. Basically, RMT is prohibited and players that engage in those activities will permanently banned. Using our RMT system, End of Times players will have the ability to trade NFT’s with others using real money with the form of crypto or ”traditional” form of money like EUR, USD etc.

The EoT token is the in-game currency and all in-game transactions will be done with the use of this token.

EoT tokens can be easily earned by the following: Slaying monsters or other players, completing quests, interacting with the game’s trading system, in-game farming/staking, selling and trading NFTs. 

NFTs can be discovered throughout the game’s world and players can buy or sell them via in-game p2p transactions. NFTs can be bought for the currency used in-game or for the EoT token

Players can encounter many kinds of NFTs throughout their gameplay. Rare weapons, epic pieces of equipment like shield and armour, or even some rare ores or plants can serve as NFTs. The NFTs in End of Times can both have cosmetic value and some stat benefits.

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